May 2015

Junk Mail

Junk Mail – Lose Your Paper Trail

I absolutely hate getting junk mail and seeing all that waste immediately getting put into our recycle bin.  Did you know that the average American home receives an average of 69 pounds of junk mail…

affordable organic

Wildly Affordable Organic

If you’ve wanted to eat like it matters but felt you couldn’t afford it, Wildly Affordable Organic might be the solution. It’s easy to think that “organic” has to mean terribly “expensive,” but it doesn’t have to…


Cucumber Hummus with Dill is Amazing

Cucumber Hummus with Dill Recipe type: Vegan, Gluten-free, Appetizer, Dip If you love having hummus, then here is a simple recipe for you to prepare it. If you think that this might increase your weight,…