5 Great Reasons for Diffusing Essential Oils

reasons for diffusing essential oils

all natural logoWe can hopefully all agree that filling our air and lungs with toxic chemicals by using synthetic air “fresheners” is not an option. If you have not yet gotten this memo, you can read more about this very disconcerting issue here.

I have fallen in love with diffusing essential oils for the pure and wonderful smells as well as all the amazing healthy benefits. This is the best article I’ve ever seen explaining why we should be diffusing daily.  The article is written by Tom Nikkola at HealthyLivingHowTo.com. Be sure and visit their site for other great tips.

5 Reasons for Diffusing Essential Oils

Here’s my five manly reasons for diffusing essential oils each day. And if you’re intrigued, be sure to register for your chance to win a diffuser of your own at the end of the post.

1. Diffusing Stimulates My Brain

Some experts say “brain health” will be one of the most exciting areas of health and wellness in the coming years. To optimize our brain health, we need to a avoid a lot of bad stuff, but research is showing that inhalation of essential oils could be one way to help optimize the health of our brain, and other systems in the body.

Essential oils are made up of dozens to hundreds of volatile constituents that float up and into your nasal cavity when you inhale them.

The constituents can act on the nerves in your nose, which are connected right to your brain, or pass through the tissues in your nose and lungs, and make their way to the brain through the blood.

From there, they are known to act on the limbic system and hypothalamus, which the trigger secretion of neurotransmitters like serotonin, adrenaline, and noradrenalin. They can also help optimize the endocrine system as well.

This could be the quickest, easiest, and safest way to positively affect the brain.

Evidence suggests you don’t even need a strong sense of smell to benefit from inhalation of essential oils. The therapeutic effects take place even without a sense of smell.

2. Diffusing Makes Me Happy and Less Irritated

When the hypothalamus and limbic system get stimulated, they secrete hormones and neurotransmitters that positively affect our mood.

When we’re feeling blue, they can lift our spirits. When we’re feeling stressed, they can help us feel more calm. When our minds are racing, they can settle us down.

What’s cool about this is that it isn’t a subjective thing. The inhalation of essential oils has been shown in research to change the levels of salivary cortisol in the body, modify heart rate variability, and affect neurotransmitter production.

I’ve been known to come off as a bit agitated once in a while, especially when my to-do list is bigger than my schedule allows.

When I’m feeling a little frantic, I start up the diffuser with a few different oils and use it to help me feel more positive and less grouchy.

I’m not sure who benefits more on this, me or my wife.

3. Diffusing Helps Chill Me Out

As I’ve read through research studies on aromatherapy, I’ve noticed an enormous amount of papers on the relaxing and calming effects of some essential oils.

From personal use, I notice this effect in a matter of minutes, which aligns with research.

To me, diffusing is extremely valuable on an especially-intense and busy day, as it can help me stay calm and not wig out when there is too much going on at the same time.

For me to get to a  solid night of sleep, I need to start relaxing and chilling out a couple hours in advance.

I’ve found that diffusing certain essential oils while I read a book or watch a show (with my Gunnar glasses on) helps me to calm my mind and let go of work-related stuff.

It’s no wonder diffusing essential oils is common for those who practice meditation or other mind-body activities.

4. Diffusing Helps Me Sleep and Gives Me Epic Dreams

Sleep debt is one of the most significant and most modifiable public health concerns.

Sleep debt affects our ability to make good decisions, our productivity at work, and a lack of sleep has been shown to cause insulin resistance.

To me, my sleep schedule is sacred. I do whatever I can to create the most powerful sleep environment possible. Obviously I turn on the diffuser before my head hits the pillow every night.

Research shows inhalation of essential oils can increase serotonin and melatonin production, necessary to help calm the mind and achieve deep sleep.

I love experimenting with different oils. With some, my deep sleep improves and I wake in the morning as though my eight hours were a mere eight minutes.

With other oils, I notice my rapid eye movement sleep is enhanced, and I experience some vibrant, drawn out, exciting and bizarre dreams. Just a few nights prior to writing this post, I experienced what felt like several days in just one night’s sleep.

Will everyone have similar experiences? Probably not. But I can say without question that diffusing has a profound effect on my sleep quality, and the research backs this up.

5. Inhaling Essential Oils Gives Me a Boost For My Workouts

Although I do prefer to maintain a relaxed, mild demeanor most of the time, I do like to get a little amped up and excited before a workout.

I approach each workout with a goal of outdoing what I’d done the previous week. I don’t workout to pass the time. I workout to force my body to get more fit and functional.

So, before a workout, I’ll do some diffusing, or I may even inhale some essential oils out of my hand, to give my body a bit of a wake-up.

Some essential oils have been shown to increase nervous system stimulation, which means they can enhance reflexes, strength, speed, and power. They’ve also been known to improve stamina.

Motivation and stamina is largely driven by the nervous system, especially when it comes to strength training. When we increase our sympathetic stimulation, it can improve exercise performance. Caffeine also acts on the nervous system, which is why it’s such a proven ergogenic aid.

It goes without saying that getting enough sleep, eating well, and picking a great playlist to listen to also affect your chance of having a great workout.

How Does an Ultrasonic, Cold-Air Diffuser Work, Anyways?

I don’t know if this is a Trivial Pursuit question or not, but you might be able to impress your house guests with this little bit of knowledge.

A diffuser operates using Bernoulli’s Principle. Diffusers tend to be large at the bottom and small at the top. The large space at the bottom is where the ultrasonic plate vibrates, shaking up the oil particles and mixing them with the mist that’s produced.

The mist floats to the top of the diffuser, which gets more narrow at the top, ending in a small opening.

With the narrowed space at the top, the vapor pressure increases, and the speed at which it moves decreases. It’s like the rush of a crowd through the Wal-Mart doors on Black Friday. They reach the doors and everyone gets squeezed together.

Once the vapor passes through the hole in the diffuser, pressure decreases and the speed it moves increases. The vapor literally explodes up and out of the diffuser, filling your room with the humidified air and essential oils. Again, you can think of the chaos inside Wal-Mart as shoppers actually make it through the doors.

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